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Khoá vân tay Hune > Khoá khách sạn HUNE 918-IC
Khoá khách sạn HUNE 918-IC
Xuất xứ: Made in China
Mã sản phẩm: HUNE 918-IC
Mô tả: Khoá khách sạn HUNE 930-D
Đơn giá:


918BP 918RLP 918SLL

We are intelligent lock manufactory since 1993. We locate in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Pearl River Delta, China.
For many years, we have been concentrating on designing and manufacturing hotel intelligent products and electrical appliances, succeeded in IC Card Lock, TM Card Lock, RF Card Lock, Intelligent Safe, Energy-saving Switch, and Cabinet Lock and so on. 'HUNE' is our well-known brand.
Our company passed ISO9001 & we have CE certificate.

Once you choose HUNE intelligent locks, means you have chosen the high quality to secure your valuable property and guests. The HUNE locks offer you maximum safety and convenience, and help you to lower the operation costs.
Wireless system and stand-alone door lock: HUNE IC CARD DOOR LOCK /HOTEL LOCK requires no wiring, adopts SIEMENS IC card to perform control function and unlocking function, is completely independent and stand-alone, is controlled by program resident in the lock and activated by cards which are coded by issuing computer. All of these make installation and maintenance becomes simple and easy.
Adopt SIEMENS encrypted IC card as keycard to enhance the security and reliability. Three times of wrong decryption will lead to ultimate destruction of the card, and thus makes counterfeiting impossible.
Lock hardware is made of strong steel, to create impact resistant ability. High security lockset with a hardened steel deadbolt, an anti-pick latch and 2 pieces of anti-friction latches.
High quality solid brass escutcheon and solid brass handle. The handle feels smooth and reliable, and will always return firmly to the horizontal position.

Easy to use: The lock is operated by handles from both the inside and the outside of the door. Outside handle is fixed while in locking state; the handle can be turned only in unlocking state. The Inside handle can be turned always. When ingress, the guest insert the keycard then the lock unlocked, turn the outside handle to open the door; when egress, the guest turn the inside handle directly to open the door.
Panic release: Deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted by inside handle for easy egress.
Superb reliability and Low running cost: Low power consumption (the batteries can last for 18 months), high reliability and low maintenance help to keep the running costs low.
Mechanical key: The separate emergency mechanical structure will allow the unlocking by the mechanical key in emergency.
Keycards are limited by lock’s clock, when the guest’s lodging is out of the deadline, the keycard will be invalid, so the guest has to take the card to renew.
Keycards are grouped into several levels to make the access authority clear. There are Master Card, Building Card, Floor Card, Waiter Card, and Guest Card. Hotel managers can modify the authority of each card according to actual need at any moment.
Master Card: can unlock all of the locks belong to the system without time’s limited, even the deadbolt locks.
Building Card: Can unlock the locks belong to corresponding building; cannot unlock the deadbolted locks, with time’s limited.
Floor Card: Can unlock the locks belong to corresponding floor; cannot unlock the deadbolted locks, with time’s limited.
Waiter Card: Can unlock the locks belong to corresponding floor in specifying timeslice; cannot unlock the deadbolted locks, with time’s limited.
Guest Card: For the guest to open the room he/she lodges in within the specifying period of time.
Normal- open state can be set for meeting.
Avoid waiter’s incautious disturb: If the guest turns out the deadbolt inside the room, when insert keycard (except Master Card) the LED will flash in red and green alternately to remind the waiter that someone is inside the room.
Report the loss of keycard: Even if your keycard is lost, you can keep quiet, the lost keycard can be invalidated by simple card operations on the lock.
The lock memorizes the latest more than 200 access records to be checked for case, guarantee the security management.
The elegant printed card help accent the distinction of the hotel.
User-friendly and Compatible software: Specially utilize a WINDOWS? software platform to design the management software make use easy. Offers software interfaces (DLL) to make the lock management software can be connected to other hotel management system.
Multi-purpose card can be developed from the keycard, to support lock system, power system, safe, lift, hotel consumption system, and so on.

Performance Index
Applicable card: SIEMENS IC card.
Power supply: 4 standard AAA alkaline batteries.
Battery life: About 18 months in normal state, depending on both usage and climatic conditions.
Low voltage warning: When power’s voltage is less 4.5V, there will be warning when unlock. the lock can still be unlocked about 200 times before the batteries are replaced.
Static consumption: 3uA.
Dynamic consumption: 180mA.
Open time: The lock will be locked again automatically 7 seconds after unlocking.
Reliability of card insertion: No accident for 10000 times of continuous card insertion.
Emergency unlocking: The door can be opened by Master Card or Mechanical key even if the deadbolt works.
Installation request: To be installed on the door, with the thickness between 36mm and 70mm, and if the door surface is decorated, the distance between the decorative edge and the edge of the door must be over 110mm.
Panel size:285mm( Height) ×70mm (Width) ×25mm (Thickness).
Mortise size: 204mm( Height) ×106mm (Width) ×23mm (Thickness).
Weight: 3.0Kg.
Handle orientation: left hand push to open, right hand push to open; left hand pull to open, right hand pull to open